Sea the World – A Legendary Journey (VIDEO)

Can you imagine what a trip around the world in a single journey would look like?  Imagine, maybe, actually experience, rather doubtful. After all the equatorial circumference of Earth is a mere 24,900 miles. While the Space Shuttle can orbit Earth in 90 minutes the rest of us must settle for ground transportation, and even then the journey could be rather challenging.

We have a solution for that adventurous spirit of yours, assuming you have a little spare time of course—Silversea’s Legends of Cruising – World Cruise 2020.

It’s 140 days, 62 ports, 9 routes to choose from, and 32 countries that includes all seven continents. From the snowy plains and natural wonders of Antartica to the captivating history of Europe, this is a journey like not other.

One route starts in Ft. Lauderdale, working its way down the South American coast with stops in Barbados and Buenos Aires, among others before reaching the Antarctica peninsula.

From there its off to Chile, Papeete, Singapore, Mumbai, Rome, Barcelona—well you get the idea.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this unprecedented journey.

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