Private Air Travel Like at Affordable Prices (Video)

Private jet company AURA is bringing luxury travel to the masses with one-way ticket prices starting at $280. Slated for launch sometime in early 2019, AURA will start running frequent flights from Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles.

AURA fills that void between traditional commercial and private air travel. Flights will depart from private air terminals, saving travelers up to two hours depending on departure airport. No more long security lines and baggage check, AURA takes care of that for all travelers.

The aircraft, a Bombardier CRJ-700 will have 29 seats, with two classes—First and Wave. The sleek interior design features comfy reclined seats, large windows and many interior design amenities you’d find on most private jet aircraft.

aura first class seats
Courtesy of Zed Aerospace

These interior renderings provided by ZED Aerospace, headquartered in Miami, will be standard on all aircraft.

AURA aircraft features 21 First-class seats with more legroom than any domestic service in the United States. Wave will feature eight more seats designed to look and feel like those traditionally found on a private jet.

Aura wave cabin
Courtesy of ZED Aerospace

Onboard features include WiFi, complimentary iPads, IMAX style screens and virtual reality headsets so passengers can experience a birds-eye view of their flight from the 360-degree tail-mounted camera. For the business traveler, a suite of services is available to include in-air printing and flight attendant notaries.

The WAVE signature dining experience allows travelers to select a cut of beef, lamb, chicken, duck or fish from the MEATLOCKER to be cooked to order on board. Other inflight meals include: sushi and sashimi, tapas, dim sum and Mediterranean meze—and of course there’s a full bar.

AURA aircraft boasts self-cleaning toilets, and ultraviolet lights the kill 99 percent of all germs.

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