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My name is Michael Gordon Bennett, founder and CEO of Sepia Lifestyle a new multi-media digital platform that promotes a global cross-cultural travel and lifestyle experience.

I know, that sounds like a mouthful, but our concept is simple. Sepia Lifestyle brings global travel and luxury lifestyle to your doorstep. We strongly encourage you to grab the reins of global exploration. From the Maldives, Tahiti, Dubai, The Bahamas, Barbados and that once in a lifetime African safari, to luxurious properties in London, New York City, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Rome, we are your eyes and ears to the world of possibilities.

Our writers cover everything from high-end hotels and resorts to luxury cruises, private air travel, yachts, spas, golf and more—but we don’t stop there. As our name suggests, we are a lifestyle brand featuring the latest in chic fashions and accessories, sumptuous cuisine from the best chefs on the planet, and the latest information from the world of entertainment and must attend global events.

Going forward, we’ll add to this offering through our private membership club, video channels and other forms of branded entertainment, mobile applications to help you navigate the world, and The Sepia Collection—our contribution to the world of luxury merchandise. In year two, we’ll be offering a more muscular form of journalism on topics that span the scope of human existence.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey as we evolve into a must view platform. Feel free to explore and invite your friends. If we don’t have a category you’re interested in, feel free to drop me a line and if it fits our platform, I promise you we’ll get it for you.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being interactive. To that end, if you have a good travel experience you would like to share with our readers, submit your stories and photos to us, and if selected, we’ll feature your story in our “Reader Travels” section.

Michael Gordon Bennett