The 15 Best-Designed Hotels Opening This Summer

Viceroy, Los Cabos

Stylish, chic, luxurious, stunning—adjectives meant to elicit a visceral reaction of positive feelings, that for many are difficult to put into words. For a hotel or resort property those feelings combined with a photo is all that’s necessary in many cases to decide your next vacation destination.

Travelers have the ultimate advantage, you get to see the finished product. Property development often takes years of planning and execution. Even the best architects don’t truly know how their work is received until the product is finished. Most of us never stop to consider what goes into those beautiful resorts. Yes, a developer might start with a wonderful canvas on some sun-drenched beach front, but what you do with that exquisite locale matters.

Architectural Digest has put together a great list of Summer 2018 hotel and resort openings from California to the Maldives that truly defines excellence in design.

“Hotels have become aspirational entities,” says Bashar Wali, president of Provenance Hotels, which has two properties opening this summer. At the turn of the century, most of the grand dame hotels with notable design were reserved for the elite. “Today, design hotels are reserved for every socioeconomic layer, and everyone wants to be part of that crowd: Hotels have to tell a story,” he adds.

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